The Flood Myth

Most of the mythologies of the world usually have a myth of an incredible flood threatening the very existence of mankind.This is often an act of divine retribution sent by the deities.This is also known as the Deluge myth.This is often described as an act of cleansing humanity, in the course of rebirth.

1.Epic of Gilgamesh.

This is lore of Mesopotamia.Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk.In this lore the divine counsel plans on destroying humanity In this lore Gilgamesh builds a vessel that delivers him from the waters.

2.Matsya Avatar

Manu , the first man is warned by the Lord Vishnu in the avatar of a fish known as the Matsya Avatar.He also advises him to build a huge boat.


3.Noah’s Ark

In this the Gods decide to flood the Earth because of the sinful state of mankind.Noah is advised to build an ark. Noah calls upon the representative animals and his family aboard the ark.

Similar stories like these are found in the Norse Mythology in the name of Bergelmir and K’iche’ in the Mayan Myths.