Tiptoe by the Window.

It’s not every day that you get down at your stop and notice three women in a distance eerily knitting away what seems to be the very fabric of time. Oh, but it could just be that as popular belief has revived the generations faith in fate and in a concept of “meant-to-be” and however childish it may seem, there is nothing wrong in perhaps exploring the issue a little more.

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The Flood Myth

Most of the mythologies of the world usually have a myth of an incredible flood threatening the very existence of mankind.This is often an act of divine retribution sent by the deities.This is also known as the Deluge myth.This is often described as an act of cleansing humanity, in the course of rebirth.

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Axis Mundi

In my quest for finding similarities in between the mythologies of the world I have stumbled upon this bit of information  which states that the Gods of various mythologies rest atop a mountain.As the celestial pole it acts as a pathway between Heaven and Earth.It may have a natural form like a mountain , tree.

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The Yeti

The Himalayas being the highest mountains in the world account for many creepy sightings every year.The Yeti is one of the most famous ones in this area.The Yeti is also known as the ‘Abominable Snowman’ , many travelers claim to have seen this mysterious creature.

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Area 51

Area 51 is definitely one of the most curious places on the planet because of its very secretive nature.The modern name of this place is Air Force Flight Test Center,Detachment 3 or AFFTC Det.3 for short.Another popular name for this place is dreamland.This place has been used for test flying air crafts as the name says and also used as a base during the Cold War.

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