Devil’s Sea

Devil’s sea which is also known as Devil’s Triangle(Both sound pretty scary , So I guess I am going to most probably avoid this place).Its a place in the Pacific Ocean (It is considered as a Pacific Counterpart for the Bermuda Triangle,So that makes them Deadly Triangle Siblings! I guess..).It is located off the coast of Japan.


There have countless inexplicable phenomena happening in this area . This Triangle has been a little beneficial to Japan in early times in this incident.

Kublai Khan along with his 40000 men went in ships to attack Japan and they were never heard of again…(Kublai Khan was the 5th king of the Mongol Empire).

The disappearances could be caused by anything like Vampires or Aliens or Mystic creatures because apparently  we believe in everything.I think that it could most probably be aliens! So lets put a pin on that…

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