Bennington Triangle

Hey,Another Triangle?Bermuda Triangle,Devil’s Triangle ,Bridgewater Triangle and now this?This is a Geographic Triangle located in southwestern Vermont.There were about 5 disappearances in this area in the time period of 1945-1950.


One incident of the disappearance:-

Middle Rivers in 1945 was taking a group of hunters on an expedition and on their way back , he got ahead of his group and was never found again.

The other 5 are similar to this.

Popular theories for the disappearances could be Big-Foot like creatures,Aliens(Seriously aliens? again?)Aliens, because when we dont find a proper explanation,we pin them on aliens.

Moral of this could be that , wherever you go,stay as far as possible from these triangles(Because triangles are creepy and most of the disappearances occur in these areas).

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