Nazca Lines

Nazca lines are geoglyphs in southern Peru , South America.It was declared as an UNESCO world heritage site in 1994.They take the shape of hummingbirds,spiders,monkeys,fish or just plain individual lines.Scholars believe that these lines were made by the NAzca Culture which flourished in this area from 200 BC to 650 AD.There are more than 70 designs of birds and animals.


They were first spotted by aviators in 1930s.These giant ‘drawings’ spread over an area of 400 square miles (Thats huge o.O).

A few explanations to as to why these lines are present are:-

A landing signal for alien spaceship.(Why does everything mystical concern with aliens?!)

For astronomical observations.


The first unknown point in these lines is that,Why are how where these made?

One possible explanation is that they are symbols made for God and they were used in rituals.

Is it possible that the Nazca Civilization met with another advanced unearthly civilization 2000 years ago? Well,there are no shortage of theories and new ones keep coming out!The cause of the Nazca lines will still be a mystery…Until a time machine is invented! 😀

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