Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is a city in West Virginia,USA.There are many famous tales about this region which include a creature named Mothman.He had a stature of 7 feet and wings up to 10 feet.This creature reputedly terrorized the West Virginia community area from November 1966 to December 1967.Pleasant?Ironic isn’t it?. There has been a book , movie and even a statue in Point Pleasant.


This creature was , according to reports extraterrestrial,mutant or a cryptid.Whatever maybe the case ,The reports of Mothman stopped after the collapse of Silver Gate Bridge in December 15th 1967 which killed 46 people.


Apart from this there have been reports of UFO’s and ‘Men In Black”-people who searched for information on extraterrestrials or people who have information about this.

Many tourists flock to this area because of these floklores!


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