Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle ( Up to to you , choose whatever sounds more scary and ominous ).Its a place on the Atlantic Ocean with Bermuda Island , Miami,Florida Peninsula and San Juan, Puerto Rico as the vertices of this triangle.

ImageIt seemed pretty normal until the disappearances began in September 17 in 1950.This was followed by many books and many more disappearances.One particular incident gave a little hint about the Area.The passengers of Flight 19.They were on a training mission and they were constantly reporting back to their station.”They told that something felt unusual…But this mystery can be solved pretty easily by taking it as an strange place but no! Humans aren’t that way! They went to finally solve this “Mystery”.

The reasons for these so called “disappearances are :-

The magnetic field here is completely disrupted because of the many ocean currents that pass here.And the compass has a really tuff time in this place to find out the directions.

The waves formed here are humongous and these are easy enough to drown anything!

The ocean currents move away all the evidence of the wrecks and that is the reason we never hear back!

Popular myths about how the disappearances occur are:-

The Bermuda Beast

ImageA poplar myth tries to explain how the disappearances occur by creating a hypothetical monster which is supposedly 4 times the height of the Eiffel tower(That’s huge o.O )! It is said to inhabit this region of the Atlantic Ocean , It springs high up into the air to catch any airplane and destroy it…(and sometimes eat it too…if it was hungry..)!

12 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle

  1. Even when they turn out to be wrong, our attempts at explaining mysteries often reveal much about societies. Myths and mysteries add so much color to an already vibrant world.

  2. It goes the same from Greek mythology…we must create gods for our limited knowledge of the world around us, I suppose.

    I am intrigued actually by the “facts” more than the myths though. Especially given the Bermuda Triangle…nature and reality are often more magical than the myths born of them, I think.

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