The Lochness Monster

Lakes are one of the most serene and beautiful you will ever see on this planet.The water is just so calm and refreshing that you want to spend the rest of your life at the lakeside but not at this lake unless you are “Always Interested in the unknown”


That is Lake Lochness situated in Scotland,United Kingdom.By the looks of it,it looks majestic and beautiful beyond any limit but this lake holds something in its vault known to all as The Lochness Monster or Nessie. Whatever you wish to call it.


By the look of the photo it looks like the only surviving dinosaur or sea serpent.Nessie’s first photograph was taken in 1933 by a man named Hugh Gray.The most famous famous is the Surgeon’s Photograph which captured the head and neck of the creature,this was taken by a man named Robert.

Well there could many different explanations to this :


Random piece of wood drifting through the water


and some even say Elephants.Its like blind leading the blind all over again.When the photos were analyzed carefully,they seemed to take the form of the Plesiosaurs.For all we know this could actually be true and would become a credible addition the New Species Book!


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