Atlantis! One of the most famous places on Earth , but where is it? No one knows for sure.It looks pretty much like this according to folk lore.


Beautiful isn’t it? Well ,This piece of Art was first mentioned in the books of the Greek philosopher Plato namely Timaeus.According to legend,Atlantis was a full fledged city which sunk into the ocean.It sunk into the ocean because of the people’s greed and them growing immoral as the days passed by.

Then the Gods punished then by sending one night fire and storm which submerged the city.One of the main reasons why scientists are on the look for this because they wish to seek the mistakes caused the people of Atlantis and hope that they themselves don’t commit them.


As far as the location is concerned , many people believe it to be halfway between the Atlantic ocean or in the Mediterranean sea.


At the end of the day I believe that Atlantis is one the biggest lies known to man as this completely made up Plato and he himself tells in a book of his that it is HYPOTHETICAL city.

Sad,as we could have made the best mercitizens ever!


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