The Yeti

The Himalayas being the highest mountains in the world account for many creepy sightings every year.The Yeti is one of the most famous ones in this area.The Yeti is also known as the ‘Abominable Snowman’ , many travelers claim to have seen this mysterious creature.


It is a hominid cryptid covered in white or brown hair somewhat resembling the Bigfoot.It is said to be 7 to 8 feet tall.It has a characteristic unpleasant odor.The first ones to scale Mt.Everest , Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were said to have seen mysterious footprints which could have the ones of the Yeti.

yeti 2

The Yeti could be a distant relative of the Homo Sapien who must have adapted to Himalayan climate and decided to stay there.But for now its existence has not yet been concluded!


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