The Underworld

There are so many different beliefs and myths around the world.Its curious to know that all the mythologies in the world have many things in common.Coincidence?I think not.Here are a few of the major similarities that I have found.

The Greek Mythology

The Greek mythology talks of three major gods , Zeus – God of sky and thunder and also the king of the gods,Poseidon- God of the Sea,Hades-God of the underworld..

The Greek underworld is the place where the souls of the deceased were said to go to be judged.The river Styx is the boundary between the realm of the living and the dead.The river Styx plays a very important role in the Greek Mythology ,for example it had the power to make people invulnerable.

The entrance to the underworld is guarded by a multiheaded dog named Kerberos.It is said to have three heads and a serpent for a tail and snakes protruding from different parts of its body.


The Hindu Mythology

The Hindu Underworld is known as Naraka.The river Vaitarni divides the Earth and the infernal Naraka.This river is said to be the Hindu equivalent of the river Styx.The river Vaitarni also has the power to purify a man of his sins.The Naraka is ruled by Lord Yama -The Hindu god of death.The underworld is said to be guarded by a dog named Sharvara obeying to Yama.

Kerberos is also said to the Greek equivalent of Sharvara.The three heads can be said as an addition by the Greeks to the Aryan myth of Sharvara.




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