Axis Mundi

In my quest for finding similarities in between the mythologies of the world I have stumbled upon this bit of information  which states that the Gods of various mythologies rest atop a mountain.As the celestial pole it acts as a pathway between Heaven and Earth.It may have a natural form like a mountain , tree.

1.Greek Mythology.

Mount Olympus is home to the Twelve Olympian gods-Zeus,Poseidon,Hera,Demeter,Athena,Dionysus,Hermes,Ares,Aphrodite,Apollo,Artemis,Hephaestus.The Greeks thought of Mountain Olympus as the abode as it was the tallest mountain in all of Greece and seemed like a perfect place for the Gods to watch over the mortals.


Mount Othrys is the abode of the Titans with Kronos as the Lord.

2.Chinese Mythology

The Kunlun Mountains is the abode of the Chinese Pantheon and it also acts like the axis mundi.

3.Hindu Mythology

Mount Meru is a huge mountain consists of five peaks.It is considered to be the center of physical,metaphysical and spiritual universes.The Sun and the stars are said to be move aroud this sacred moutain.Its height is said to be 85 the size of Earth’s diameter.The Hindu Gods are said to reside upon this sacred mountain.The Jain , Javanese and Buddhist cultures also have the same legend of Mount Meru.


4.Norse Mythology

The Yggdrasil is an immense holy tree or otherwise known as the world ash.It is said to connect the nine worlds of Norse Mythology.The Gods assemble at Yggdrasil everyday to sort things.The all father Odin is said to have attained enlightenment under this sacred tree.



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